Wednesday Website: ZapSplat & Ben Sound

This week, our Wednesday Website was shared by high school teacher, Jessica Barberry. She shared the power of ZapSplat and how these royalty-free sounds can be used in the classroom. The sounds from ZapSplat can be downloaded and used in common applications such as iMovie or Garage Band. Ben Sound is another royalty free music site that is safe for students to use in class projects. You can view an example of how Jessie used both of these sites to provide music and sound effects in a clip she animated.


Wednesday Website:

This week’s Wednesday Website is This tool allows teachers to create customizable and engaging online worksheets. The content created¬†can be used as a review before an assessment, independent practice, or as an exit ticket. Variety of question and response formats (e.g., drawing, multiple choice, drag and drop, open ended, oral dictation, matching).