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Crowdplsr: Interning at a Seed-Stage Startup

From June 2016 through December 2016, I worked as an Innovation Development intern for Crowdplsr, Inc., a SAAS startup that offers a web app that allows event organizers to crowdfund upcoming events in order to test market demand for events, provide better for customer wants, and ensure profitability on shows that they put together.

While many of my friends were working in corporate offices in major companies, I was working as part of a bare bones early stage firm with 5 members running the whole operation: a CEO, a CIO, a CFO, a COO, and myself, the intern. Working one on one with the CEO, George Richie, was a great learning experience, getting to talk about strategy, planning, securing venture capital, and advancing the firm with the founder himself on a daily basis.

Working in such an early stage company, my roles were not defined by department, but by whatever was needed. I worked generating leads, emailing and calling potential customers to sell to them, managing social media accounts and scheduling applications, generating social media content, and maintaining a customer relationship management database to track sales data. I also developed the official Crowdplsr social media strategy, and co-drafted the first Crowdplsr New Customer Onboarding Guide. Through that time, I maintained a sales record above my quota, and increased Twitter and Facebook impressions by over 100% on each platform, and streamlined social media management by introducing scheduling and analytics SAAS tools to the social media strategy.

This internship gave me serious practical skills: learning to sell by doing, sending hundreds of emails and making hundreds of sales calls; learning to generate leads; learning strategy directly from a CEO in the middle of growing an early stage company, and many more. I cannot thank the Crowdplsr team enough for taking me on as an intern and for teaching me so much.

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