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Lehigh Consulting Group: Small Business Consulting

In the Fall of 2016, I had the honor of working as a small  business consultant with the Lehigh Consulting Group, a student-run pre-professional organization on campus. Working with the Small Business Development Center for Lehigh University, my team and I got the chance to work with a local company working in the specialty food industry.

Working directly with the founder to address their needs, our group created a new branding strategy for our client. The new approach focused on online and social media marketing, creating a conversion plan for brick and mortar customers to become online buyers, and increasing customer retention. We also conducted an in-depth risk analysis looking at a private labeling move the client was considering to support their decision.

Getting to work on an engagement with a real client was a major learning experience. This was especially true for working with my team where I was the only pure business student; working through problems our client presented from my team members’ perspectives as engineers gave me a different perspective on problem solving and has helped me to further refine my approach to a challenge.

Five months later, I am proud to announce that our client has actually been employing strategies we created with them to continued success.

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