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Innovation and Leadership Residency: Teaching Public Speaking

My Teaching Slide Deck:

The Lehigh University Innovation and Leadership Residency is a club that has made a major impact on my years at Lehigh. Through this organization, I have gained tangible skills such as resume writing, Linkedin proficiency, networking, and, above all, business problem solving by working with real companies as a student consultant.

When I was asked to present a workshop on public speaking, I was excited to be able to give back to this group which has helped me grow as a person and as an aspiring young professional. Now, after two semesters of teaching, it feels good to have contributed to ILR’s work to help prepare its members for the professional world.

My workshops are based in 3 key areas: PowerPoint Content Organization, Mechanics, and Preparation.

Content Organization focuses in on presentation structuring for effectiveness, as well as slide design. Mechanics covers body language, gesturing, and speaking itself. Finally, Preparation looks into best practices on being ready for the big day of a presentation. Please take a look at the slide deck above to see specifics.

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