I would describe my teaching philosophy as constructivist. By this I mean that knowledge is constructed in a dynamic educational environment, where the student can take an active role in her or his own educational process. I believe in the uniqueness of the student. The student’s background, experiences, and culture give the student a perspective that is to be respected in the learning process. I believe the student has an active responsibility for their own education, thus they construct their own understanding of what they learn. I believe that my role is that of a facilitator who also learns with the students. My role is to guide an active and social educational process by maintaining high standards of excellence and equity while providing context and negotiating knowledge.


Courses taught by Dr. Beachum


  • Leading Urban Schools and Communities


  • Introduction to Organizational Leadership


  • Instructional Leadership


  • Leadership: Self and Groups


  • Program Evaluation


  • Introductional to Doctoral Research Seminar (Part1)