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Standing on the platform, lecturing and drafting complicated formulas on iPad Pro, I was one of the most popular couches for the Chemistry Olympic Game in the City of Beijing. I was trained to memory hard facts from laboratories and experiments, to calculate complex data and to train the most intelligent athletes in the subject of Chemistry. On the other hand, I love travelling around the world and I have visited more than 40 countries. Therefore, the human geology and personal anthropology would be my favorite topics during my travelling. I recorded narratives from a Vietnamese, who suffered from Agent Orange, a poisonous defoliant used in the war, is still seeking compensation. I can still remember why the topographical features and climatic attributes provide fertile soil for the prosperity of rice cultivation. I cannot put aside the restless curiosities from my travelling in my classroom and I wish to find more interesting spirits sharing the same interesting with me. I choose to continue my graduate study in a university in the US.


As a high school teacher who discontinues his work and participates into the StepUp program in Lehigh University, I am very pleased to meet a lively community in the City of Bethlehem, PA. I was amazed to see the Gothic architectures around the campus: the Rotunda from Linderman Library and the tower from the Alumni Memorial Building. Besides these buildings, I love the curriculum here! Although having participated and witnessed many different ESL programs around the US, I was totally satisfied by this program! Student-orientated, this program not only prepare students academically but try to help me to be integrated into the community and even the American society. Besides, traditional writing intensive courses and speaking fostering courses, innovated courses, such as Communication on Campus, teach me valuable lessons on how to interpret into a conversation. Most importantly, I love people here! I have six instructors with totally different styles. Teresa is gentle and helpful, Mary earnest and punctual, and Ashely serious and a little tough. When they build the ESL department, it becomes a beautiful scene.


I wish I would enjoy my life as a student in the StepUp program and learn more form my instructors.


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