The 2017 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development was this past weekend. Members from both our Cognitive Development Lab and the Emotional Development Lab presented on several studies conducted in our labs over the past year. .

Dr. Amanda Brandone presented on two different aspects of our large infant study. In one presentation, she discussed the role of motor experience in the development of early social cognition. In other, she discussed how babies’ early social experiences contributes to the development of intention understanding. ¬†Wyntre Stout (graduate student) presented on a study that examined how children think about the mental states (i.e., thoughts, emotions) of other kids who may be more or less similar to themselves. Kelsey Moty (research associate/lab manager) presented on two different studies. One explored children’s sensitivity to diversity that exists within categories and how that impacts the generalizations they make from individuals to the broader category they belong to. The other examined the relationship between early intention understanding and later language acquisition.

For more information about each of these studies, check our 2017 newsletter!