Interested in joining our team?

Prospective Graduate Students:

for Dr. Amanda Brandone

Dr. Brandone may be accepting graduate students for the Fall of 2018.

If you are interested in joining the Cognitive Development Lab to work with Dr. Brandone as a master’s or doctoral student, please email her directly at with any questions.


for Dr. Deborah Laible

Dr. Laible may be accepting graduate students for the Fall of 2018.

For those interested in working with Dr. Laible within the Emotional Development Lab, please email her directly at for questions about the Lehigh graduate program or for questions about her research.


Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Interested in gaining research experience? Each semester, we have PSYC 161 Research Assistant (RA) positions open.

Several enthusiastic, dedicated, and reliable research assistants are needed to help conduct experiments, recruit and schedule participants, transcribe videotapes, code and enter data, and prepare experimental materials. Advanced students also collaborate on honors projects and senior theses. We also work with our students in assisting them to develop plans after they graduate.

An interest in and ability to work with young children is essential, and previous research experience is a plus (but not required). At least a 6 hour/week commitment is required (2 credits) and a 2-semester commitment is preferred.

Please email the advisor you’re interested in working with (Dr. Brandone at or Dr. Laible at for more information about current or future available positions.