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Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo Ed.D.  Speaker, Educator, Author, Independent Scholar Research Interests Pairing Music and Linguistic Intelligences, Literacy, Metacognition, Pedagogy, Social Justice, Student Directed Learning, Stage History, Writing as Therapy       Case Study Research In 2004, statistical results of case study research suggest that pairing music and linguistic intelligences in the college classroom improves students’ grades and abilities to compose theses statements for research papers in courses that emphasize reading and writing skills (DiEdwardo 2004).   In initial study in 2003, Maryann refined Howard Gardner’s (1993) definition of music as a “separate intellectual competence” and compared music intelligence to linguistic intelligence. Furthermore, through acknowledgement of MI Theory, educators infuse cognitive abilities of students by helping them “think”. Awards 2016 University of Maryland University College Professional Achievement Award 2016 College English Association Karen Lentz Award for scholarship in Profession for Single Paper and Presentation, Composition and Rhetoric, Popular Culture, Pedagogy:
Creation of Dystopian Architecture in Ready Player One: Semiotic Praxis. Maryann P. DiEdwardo, Editor, is 2016 recipient of the College English Association Karen Lentz Madison CEA Award for Scholarship, an annual award for a presentation at our annual conference by an adjunct or contingent faculty member who contributes significantly to the corpus studiorum in English. The prize is funded by an endowment from James R. (Dick) Bennett and serves to recognize College English Association’s immeasurable gratitude to adjunct and contingent faculty in literature and composition studies and to honor their unconquerable esprit de corps and professional dedication. 2014-2016 Vice President Northeast Modern Language Association CAITY Caucus, Contingent, Adjunct, Independent and Two-Year. Honorable Winner. “Hurry.” 2015. Allpoetry; Award Nominations at University of Maryland University College in 2012 include a nomination for the 2012 UMUC Stanley J. Drazek Teaching Excellence Award (Drazek award) and the UMUC Teaching Recognition Award (TRA), two important awards in the UMUC Faculty Award and Recognition Program.   Published Honorable Mention American Poetry Anthology, National Library of Poetry Honors International Society of Poets “Growing Toward Death”  semi-finalist, first appeared in The International Library of Poetry 2002 Independent Publishing Poynter Celebrity Author Award for Write a Book of Haiku and Trees Northampton Community College Project Aware Outstanding Service Award 1978 Presenter 2016. Recap Education and Technology Conference. West Chester, PA. “Blog and Wiki Journaling and E-Portfolios about Themes of Nature and Place Memory to Engage Student Voices” 2016 College English Association Conference, Denver, CO. Dystopian Architecture in Ready Player One: Semiotic Praxis. Semiotic praxis creates multiple fields for readers to use to base our visit to the fictional work. Dystopian places breed self doubt. The creation of the place of dystopian architecture lies within the substantive study of the semiotic basis for the setting by Cline. His characters move within the digital and real world with trepidation. Creation of place eventually demands characterization and other devices such as dialogue and dramatic effect within the dystopian world. Let us define that creative process and relate to the use of both literature and architecture as a semiotic vision. 2016 Northeast Modern Language Association Convention. Hartford, Conn. Chair Women and Gender Studies Panel: presenter of study on the use of place as a sign in “Black Death” by Zora Neale Hurston and “Unassigned Territory” by Stephanie Powell Watts. Also Roundtable speaker for Technology and Innovative Pedagogical Frameworks. 2015. Northeast Modern Language Association. Selected for Panel Event Leader and Designer. Women and Gender Studies. 2016 Hartford Convention. “Zombie Archetypes Enliven Creative Non-Fiction Writers and Poets.” NeMLA. Conference. 2015. Toronto. Presenter for Panel as well as presentation entitled “Adjunct Life” for a Roundtable. “Poetics, Zora Neale Hurston and Chinua Achebe.” College English Association. 2015. Presenter. Moderator. Indianapolis. Online Lecturer Education. Open Simulator. November 9, 2014. Sunday. “Metacognition, Prezi, Research, and the 21st Century Scholar”. Pennsylvania College English Association. Fall 2014. Lecture on “Zombies as Archetypes”. The Pennsylvania State University. 2014 Lilly Spring International Conference, Bethesda Maryland in June 2014. “Metacognition” College English Association 2014 Baltimore - I will present  “Metacognitive Pedagogical Models for Literature Study in Higher Education.” NeMLA Dr. Maryann DiEdwardo, Lehigh University, University of Maryland University College, will present at the 45th Annual NeMLA Convention. 9.23 “The Short Story in the African American Literary Tradition and Authentic Assessment”9.23 The Composition Classroom (Roundtable) 2013. Teleconference Presentations Monthly from July 2012-present. As Health Educator and Scholar, Appointed to Board of the National QiGong Association 2013. National QiGong Association Conference. Four Hour Lecture. Philadelphia, PA. The Efficacy of QiGong. July 26, 2013. I will present a case study on one patient, myself, in a theoretical study Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching – Bethesda, May 30 - June 2, 2013. “Writing as a Learning Community to Promote Student Authentic Assessment and Transformation” 40 minute presentation Pennsylvania College English Association 2013. Gettysburg, PA “Poetry of Landscape of  Gettysburg: Wild Imaginative Musings of War and Death” for 2013 Pennsylvania College English Association Conference, March 14-16 College English Association in Savannah, Georgia, 2013. The Nature of Gender Study. Articles, Book Reviews, Books DiEdwardo, Maryann. “Student Voices.” The Educational Forum. 27, June 2012. Vol. 76. Issue 3. July 2012, pages 398-399. DiEdwardo, Maryann. Department of English. Lehigh University. The Pocahontas Archive, History on Trial.  “Pocahontas as Christy Girl.” 2008. “” DiEdwardo Maryann. “Religion in Schools.” Book Review. The Educational Forum.  Volume 74, Number DiEdwardo, Maryann. “The Need for Redistribution of Wealth.” Book Review. The Educational Forum. Volume 74. Number 2, 2010. DiEdwardo, Maryann.”Cultural Diversity and the Empowerment of Minorities.” The Educational Forum. Volume 73. Number 3, 2009. Book Review.  Kappa Delta Pi, 2009. DiEdwardo. “Pairing Music and Linguistic Intelligences.”  Record, Vol. 41, No. 3, Spring 2005.   Kappa Delta Pi, International Education Honors Society. Books and E-Books Diedwardo, Maryann. Editor and Contributor. American Women Writers, poetics and the nature of gender study. England: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016. Forgotten. Amazon Kindle. Ebook, 2016; Teaching Writing Based on Journaling Concepts of Thoreau. Amazon. Kindle. Ebook, 2015; Rhetorical Analysis and Metacognitive Pedagogy. Amazon. Kindle. E-Book. 2014; The White Curtain. Amazon. Kindle. E-Book. 2014; Adjunct Life. Amazon. Kindle E-Book. 2014; The Poetry of Landscape after War and Death. Amazon. E-Book. Kindle. 2013; Restorative Yoga, QiGong, and Tai Chi. Amazon. E-Book. Kindle. 2013; The Fourth “R” A Book to Promote the Journey through Hispanic American Literary History to Develop Language Skills. Bloomington, Indiana: Authorhouse, 2008. Hard copy and E-Book; Music Transforms the College English Classroom. Hard copy and E-Book; The Legacy of Katharine Hepburn, Fine Art As A Way of Life. Hard copy and E-Book

Alumna Maryann P.DiEdwardo Editor and Contributor of new book



Maryann DiEdwardo is the editor and contributor of a new book called American Women Writers, Poetics and the Nature of Gender Study. Other scholars who contribute are Jill Kinkade, James McAdams, Patti Pasda, and Joseph A. DiEdwardo.


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Maryann P. DiEdwardo, Lehigh Alumna

      Maryann Pasda DiEdwardo graduated from Lehigh University in 1980. Maryann is the author of more than 35 books and articles. Since 1976, Dr. DiEdwardo has taught English, literature, and research in Pennsylvania colleges and universities; she co-founded Pasda Studios School of Art and co-facilitated Fine Art programs for students of all ages for thirty-two years. In 2004, results of her case study research suggested that the integration of music in the college classroom improved students’ grades and abilities to compose thesis statements for research papers in courses that emphasize reading and writing skills.   In her initial study, Dr. DiEdwardo refined Howard Gardner’s 1993 definition of music as a separate intellectual competence. She currently teaches at University of Maryland University College, and Lehigh University.

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