Digital Scholarship Track

Digital scholarship has grown dramatically in the humanities in recent years — humanists have been engaging data, mapping, and visualizations to online archives and media production in their research and teaching. It’s been especially exciting to see the growth of work at the intersection of public humanities, digital scholarship, media organizing and social justice.  

Call for Participation:

We invite scholars to submit presentation ideas showcasing research that uses digital media and technology to solve problems, tell subjugated histories, and explore identities that are often on the margins.  We are seeking session proposals and papers from digital humanists, academic librarians, and oral historians whose research intersects with social justice.  We are especially interested in a broad range of anti-racist, subaltern, postcolonial, feminist and queer scholarship that sees itself in dialogue with the field of digital humanities. We are also interested in sessions that focus on issues of housing, gentrification, casinos and the re-making on post-industrial places; all themes that have particular relevance to Bethlehem, PA.

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