How-to- Workshops & Trainings Track

We are all media makers!  We believe it is important to demystify technology and the tools to create and communicate should be in everyone’s hands.  Learning how to make media and use digital tools helps us to express ourselves, communicate with one another and build common knowledge; it can also provide us with essential job skills and prepare us for the growing digital and tech economy.

Call for Participation:

We seek proposals from radio producers, photographers, videographers, map-makers, librarians, web and graphic designers and those who have skills to share with others.  We are most excited about workshops that utilize accessible (free or inexpensive and open-source) technologies such as making videos on a smartphone or tablet, podcasting from home or Graphic Design 101.  We will prioritize trainings that can  be realistically offered in a 90-minute session and we will consider the possibility of a double session training that has two 90-minute sessions.  We are excited about presenters that are women or come from other marginalized identities; we do not want to reproduce the narrative that technology is solely the domain of white men.  We are interested in sessions that are targeted towards beginners, are accessible, and build essential job skills.  We would also like to see some sessions target a more advanced audience.

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