Our Voices, Our Stories, Our Valley Track

The Lehigh Valley sits on the ancestral land of the Lenape peoples.  Today diverse groups of people make up the urban centers and surrounding rural and suburban places that are situated around the Lehigh River.  Many people are engaged in envisioning a just future in the Valley and this track is a chance for Lehigh Valley residents to tell our stories and raise our voices.

Call for Participation:

How are people in the Lehigh Valley using digital tools and media to help build a vision of our past, present and future?  We are seeking proposals from media-makers, artists, story-tellers, community leaders and educators.  We are interested in digital humanities projects as well as sessions focused on  how you are organizing, telling stories, and working to build equity, justice and representation in the Lehigh Valley.    We are especially interested in collaborative proposals that reach across multiple organizations and/or communities and that represent the diversity of the beautiful Lehigh Valley.  

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