Scholarly blogging at Lehigh

Blogging is increasingly becoming an accepted part of the academic conversation. Blogs are often a great place to do collaborative work. They can serve as a space in which to get feedback from peers on ongoing research projects. The scholarly conversation conducted in a blog setting is more timely than is possible within the peer-review process, although the peer-review process is important and will not be replaced by blogs any time soon. Here at Lehigh, we have a growing number of faculty who maintain blogs. In this new series, we will periodically highlight the blog of a Lehigh faculty member.

Lehigh Squirrel chomping on a nut in a tree.
Lehigh Squirrel chomping on a nut while in a tree.

The first blog that we’d like to highlight is Among The Stately Trees, by Earth and Environmental Sciences professor Bob Booth. In his blog, Professor Booth writes about ecological, environmental, and conservation issues and about his research in those areas. His latest post, Trembley’s “tangled bank” on the Lehigh campus, focuses on a forgotten piece of Lehigh history. No spoilers here,  but do check out the link to the post to learn more about an early example of experiential learning at Lehigh. Among the Stately Trees is a fine example of the academic use of blogging technology to generate and foster a scholarly conversation.



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