Lehigh in “The Blue and White”

A passage from an article in the June 1914 issue of The Blue and White, “published bi-monthly by the pupils of the South Bethlehem High School, South Bethlehem, Pa.”:

“Down on the Canal job at Panama, in the mines of and forests of Canada and Mexico, in the Orient, in South Africa, and in many other remote place of the earth, says an article in a recent number of The College Magazine, “groups of young engineers are looking ahead, planning and dreaming of a great trip home in 1916. Then they hope to join the ranks of certain captains and lieutenants and corporals of industry who will come out from the big plants and offices of the United States to invade Lehigh Valley. Besides these technical graduates there will be a smaller but important representation of arts and Science men -men who have been successful in the professions in business and teaching. The great time toward which all of them are looking is the jubilee anniversary of their Alma Mater –Lehigh University.”

by Homer Bachert, Class of 1914, South Bethlehem High School (Lehigh Class of 1920, Electrical Engineering)

Cover of The Blue and White, June 1914

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