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The Conjuring: When’s Daddy Coming Home?
By Danielle Mustin - The horror genre has famously placed the white, heterosexual couple at the center of the narrative. This couple is the embodiment of “normality” that Robin Wood explains is repeatedly “threatened by the monster” in horror. For (More)
On The Conjuring: Religious Guilt and a Greater Shift Towards Secularism
By Kelly O'Neill - The majority of the 2010s has been marked by a progressive sociopolitical landscape. Under former President Obama, the nation experienced perhaps the most progressive social norms to date. The Conjuring, released in 2013, reflec (More)
Return to Normalcy
By Christina Chan - The 2010s in particular has a fascination with the past. Drawing from previous eras to materialize new substance is the culture of this decade. This can be seen socially through fashion trends pulling from 80’s and 90’s style o (More)
Finding the Uncanny in The Conjuring
By Megan Fitzpatrick - The use of the uncanny in horror film has been prevalent since the genre’s birth and while we have seen uncanniness itself transcend decades, it is particularly relevant in 2010s horror. In 2010s horror, the uncanny has b (More)

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