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Friday the 13th – 40th Anniversary Special Issue

Horror Homeroom is launching a series of special issues in journal format centered on key events in horror. They will include longer articles than we usually run in Horror Homeroom — about twice as long — by non-academics and academics…. Continue Reading →

Mike Flanagan’s Mold-centric Hill House

I have a chapter on Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series, The Haunting of Hill House, in Kevin Wetmore’s edited collection on the series, The Streaming of Hill House: Essays on the Haunting Netflix Adaptation (McFarland, 2020). I’m including my introduction below,… Continue Reading →

Folk Horror in Revenant

I am very happy to announce that the special issue I edited for Revenant: Critical and Creative Studies of the Supernatural, Issue 5 (March 2020) is now available. Here’s the Table of Contents. You’ll also find reviews of related books…. Continue Reading →

Sleep and the Realm of the Uncanny in the Postrecession Horror Film

An article in The Journal of Popular Culture, vol. 52, no. 5 (2019). A preoccupation of the post-Recession horror film has been the uncanny human—proliferating involuntary doubles bereft of reason and choice. Recent horror film has exploited sleep disorders in… Continue Reading →

Jordan Peele’s GET OUT: Political Horror

The new cover for my upcoming edited collection on Jordan Peele’s Get Out is here! Jordan Peele’s Get Out: Political Horror is a collection of fourteen scholarly essays (including the introduction) devoted to exploring Get Out’s roots in the horror… Continue Reading →

‘Lock Her Up! Angry Men and the Captive Woman in Post-Recession Horror’

My most recent publication is ‘Lock Her Up! Angry Men and the Captive Woman in Post-Recession Horror’, in Make America Hate Again: Trump-Era Horror and the Politics of Fear, edited by Victoria McCollum (Routledge, 2019), pp. 97-108. Since around 2010, there… Continue Reading →

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