Summer Fieldwork Kickoff!

Spirits were high today as we kicked off the Summer fieldwork collaborative between Lehigh and UPD. The next three weeks will be key in developing new relationships and validating important functional aspects of our business plan. 

This is a list of our events as they happened in consecutive order:

  • Warmed up our bodies and minds with some luksong tinik and great conversation
  • Toured UPD’s beautiful campus and Fab Lab (maker space)
  • Held the first Project Plastikan round table discussion on actionable implementation

    • Designated a “Moment Team” focused on finalizing development of our manufacturing machines, creating prototypes, settling on specific designs for our current order, and then delivering a small sample batch of that order. 

    • Designated a “Venture Creation Team” focused on finalizing workshop and summit details, creating a concrete plan for actualizing the rest of our first order, projecting out potential business models, and gaining various forms of buy-in from new stakeholders. 

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