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GSIF Post 3

  1. Describe the five major stakeholders for your project and their motivations.
    1. The corporations we will be interviewing
      1. Their main motivation is the fact that they are being required by law to complete this corporate social responsibility and donate a percentage of their profits. Beyond that, the corporations look forward to enhance their brands and credibility. In this day and age, companies that get involved in the communities around them are more legitimized than those that do not partake.
    2. The NGO’s we will be interviewing
      1. Their motivation coming out of out project will be better relations with the corporations we are working with. If we are successful in compiling information about the way this law has impacted CSR in India, we will hopefully be able to improve communication and mutual understanding between these two parties. They are benefitting the most from this because they are receiving financial help from them, which they often severely lack.
    3. The Indian people
      1. They will be majorly impacted by any changes that occur after our documentary or published paper. If these relations are improved, people that are receiving help from the NGO’s will be positively impacted. With more funds, they will be able to do more great work with aims already set on trying to benefit the community. On the other hand, people within the corporation will hopefully feel better about the fact that they are helping those around them.
    4. The government
      1. If we improve relations ourself with the publication of our findings, the government officials will likely wonder what is the source of the change. Their attitudes towards our information could go one of two ways. They can see our work as belittling to the work they do, or they can be grateful for the help we are providing. If the latter happens, they can possibility implement some of the changes/improvements that we have found to be beneficial for both the corporations and NGO’s.
    5. Politicians
      1. Politicians will also be affected by our project, because they are essentially the middle man currently in this partnership. They have power over where the money from the corporations goes, as far as what social issue they want to aid. This allows them to help their own image and helps them in upcoming re-elections. More exposure about the corruptness of this system will disallow the politicians to benefit off the CSR partnerships.
  2. Describe three ways in which you will validate your project and enhance your credibility over the course of the semester.
    1. One way I will be validating my project over the course of this semester is through the paper I am currently completing on Good Practices for Successful Relationships between Corporations and NGO’s. This is an individual task that I am taking on in my team, and it will help me to apply to CSR in India. This will expose me to methods or tips that have worked in other places besides India, so I will be able to compare.
    2. Another way that I will be enhancing my credibility is through the fact that I am going to workout travel plans to be able to travel with my team to India this summer. Without the fieldwork, I would not be able to fully understand how business in India works. I got accepted into the Iacocca International Internship Program, and the dates of it are from June 6th to August 15th. Since my team has now changed the dates of our trip, I will be able to join from August 15th until August 23rd. I will be able to fully immerse myself into the culture and the project, as well as our followup in the fall semester.
    3. My accounting professor from last year Professor Gupta has been an informal mentor to me for two semesters now. After speaking to him about this program, he spoke about how he is actually teaching a class on this exact topic, and was in India while the law was being enacted. He has offered to explain things to me, and share the knowledge he has already accumulated about the topic. I plan to stay in frequent contact with him to further develop my understanding of Indian politics and this law.

~ by Anique Groce on February 10, 2019 .

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