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  1. Based on your life experiences, skills and interests, what would a design process that is both uniquely yours and effective look like?
    1. Based off of my life experiences if I were to create a design process the process would be very unstructured and slightly unorganized but always with the end goal in mind and determination being a key factor.  I cannot think of a single instance where I simply gave up and I think in a design process that is extremely important. this is in addition to being very open to change which is something that I value in my life as well.  everything in life is starting to change so it is much easier to adapt if I am ready for changes, rather than avoiding them. I mentioned slightly on organized and unstructured because I typically go with the flow and don’t always have a specific game plan in mind before starting a task.  however as mentioned I have a bigger goal in mind and I maintain determination in order to get there no matter the obstacles. All of these experiences of mine and mentalities would be extremely beneficial in the design process. Another experience/ interest that would be benefits on the design process is my roles in leadership positions. As a designer you need to take command over the situation similar to the way a leader does. An aspect of my life that I can apply to the design process is knowing how to be a team player. It is not often that an idea will come to fruition with the mind and work of one single person but rather the collaboration of a team. This year especially at Lehigh I’ve been more engaged in teamwork efforts than ever before.  I have become a part of the E-board for both the step team and the belly-dancing team as well as my work-study position with the source where I am an administrative assistant along with other students. we have weekly meetings and complete large semester long tasks together.
  2. How will you validate your project concept, technology, usability, operational/business model?
    1. In my team for corporate social responsibility and the interactions with nongovernmental organizations in India validating our business model by producing a piece of work that gets shared and analyzed with esteemed Lehigh scholars as well as people outside of our immediate network. As a business student I never imagined being able to take part in a project such as this where I would be able to complete research.  because of this I am extremely motivated to do well and produce either a documentary or a written work that satisfies the demands of a professional overseer.
  3. Articulate your philosophy of engagement with communities, partners, and markets
    1. I think it’s particularly important to engage with the community that you’re doing business with in order to maintain mutually profitable relationships.  there’s also important that corporations give back in ways of service or donations or volunteer hours in the communities that they are operating in due to the fact that they are revenues are Source directly out of the area they are located,  for engaging with partners, it is important to maintain respect and constant communication in order to satisfy each other goals and desires. for markets I think the most important philosophy of engagement is to stay relevant. consumer beliefs and preferences are constantly changing and with data analytics it is becoming easier to access this information so to remain competitive in the market is important to be aware of the consumer behavioral changes and buying preferences when engaging with them.

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