GSIF Blog #3

List the top 20 questions your team needs to answer to advance the venture forward.

  1. What are we impacting?
  2. How are we impacting?
  3. Where/why are we impacting?
  4. What makes copra so important?
  5. How many lives can we impact?
  6. How will our work have an impact outside of the Philippines?
  7. What are the different ways we can have an impact?
  8. How do we make our impact sustainable?
  9. How do we quantify impact?
  10. Can we generate a negative impact as well?
  11. Will the people in the Philippines be open to our ideas?
  12. What will be the obstacles that prevent us from making an impact?
  13. How long until we are able to deliver impact?
  14. How will we adopt their cultural habits?
  15. What are people doing to create an impact now?
  16. Who are these people?
  17. How personal is the process to them?
  18. How do we adjust our solution to their culture?
  19. How can we make people happy?
  20. How can we improve ourselves through this project?

Develop and Visualize the Theory of Change (Logic Model) for your venture.


– money

– time

– knowledge

– expertise

– materials

– equipment

– partners


– research

– prototyping

– designing

– networking

– visit farms

– educate

– propose ideas


– money

– research



– consistency in copra quality (and higher quality)

– reduced copra waste

– maximized use of the whole coconut

– increased nutritional value in copra

– value-added products from coconut

– (down the road) social venture focused on introducing and implementing sustainable,

  state-of-the-art copra processing methods to copra farmers

Short term:

– knowledge and awareness of current drying processes and their shortcomings


– reduced the popular use of sun-drying and smoke-drying methods


– elevate the livelihoods and increase income for copra farmers

– benefit the economy and communities in the Philippines

– sustainability and positive environmental impact

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