Hey there!

My name is Asgar Ali and welcome to my blog! I am a freshman at Lehigh University, studying Materials Science and Engineering in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering. Currently, I am on the Mushroom Production Systems team and I am excited to have started this journey of positive impact. Some of my hobbies include photography, exploration, traveling, and reading books. In the past, I have done service projects in Bangladesh and in Ecuador. I am thrilled to start researching and systematizing effective ways of producing mushrooms in Sierra Leon.

As I conduct my research on mushroom production systems as a Global Social Impact Fellow, this blog will serve as a record of my journey for you. What is the Global Social Impact Fellowship, you might ask? The Global Social Impact Fellowship or GSIF is a unique opportunity at Lehigh University where multidisciplinary teams work together to tackle huge international issues. The GSIF is run by Vice Provost Khanjan Mehta in the office of Creative Inquiry. In addition, there is a class associated with becoming a GSIF. Here, we learn exactly what humanitarian engineering and social entrepreneurship are through case studies, guest lectures, and of course our individual projects.

The objective of our research projects is to hold true to the three primary tenets of GSIF: Impact, Impact, Impact. Throughout my research as a Global Social Impact Fellow, I aim to leave a positive influence on a global scale.

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