Blog Post #7

  1. Summarize and report out on the results of the SKS exercise. 

Our group has done an excellent job when it comes to assigning roles and should keep doing this. Our jobs are based on current project needs and what people have expressed interest in pursuing and/or are strong in.  Everyone has been happy and interested in the work they are doing individually but when we need to collaborate, our communication has faltered. We need to start communicating directly in more explicit terms and stop being so passive. Part of that requires us to be open to constructive criticism and constantly be willing to improve. Our goal is to lower the maternal mortality rate and improve millions of people’s lives, so we must check our egos at the door. Being able to listen to your teammates is just as important as being able to speak up.


Communicating Better/Listening to each other

Pushing Each other


Assigning Roles/Jobs

Making sure everyone is happy/fulfilled by the work they are doing


Being passive

  1. Develop a detailed Collaboration Plan for your team clearly articulating your Goals (Small g and Big G), Roles,Procedures, and Relationships.


Team Name: Ukweli Test Strips 
  • Project Goal = Improving maternal health and reducing maternal mortality from UTIs and preeclampsia to zero
    • Metric of success is the number of women tested and treated
    • Our project goal is not scaled to our resources
  • Spencer = to gain a greater feeling of impact, understand and improve international health systems in the context of societies
  • Anneke= make a bigger impact in the world, learn how to collaboratively work with people of different backgrounds/disciplines
  • Spencer = part of data analysis team
    • Deliverables: Database, Dashboard (of impactful numbers # UHWs trained, # boxes sold, # of women tested)
    • Electronic and Paper records
  • Anneke –> part of data analysis team and working on funding proposals
Procedures Decision Making – depends on decision- mainly majority rules and consensus

·  Effective MeetingsFocus on key, timely decisions together vs. status/update (offline)

·  Meeting roles: everyone does everything no formal roles for each person

·  Communication – FTF: weekly meeting on Sundays via zoom / Google Docs, meet as group with Khanjan on Tuesday evenings, respond within 24 hours



  • Spencer 
    • Helped to create a comfortable and communicative dynamic by being friendly and making us laugh when appropriate 
    • Always spends the time and energy to be up to date w/ anything relating to data collection, always willing to take on more than what is asked
  • Anneke 
    • Offers human relief going to get food coffee, and works well independently 
    • Is always honest and a direct communicator, willing to do the grunt work even if it’s tiring (because she knows what needs to get done)
  • Noah
    • Has extended himself greatly in every topic, always willing to help, always friendly, always makes sure he is pulling his weight 
    • Willing to be pushed outside comfort zone with specific work, has extensive skills and background that is greatly beneficial, reminds us always that we are still serving people and not just influencing systems
  • Skyler
    • taking on a part of the project that’s pretty new to the entire group
    • has a background in missionary work

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