Blog Post #8

  1. List five compelling takeaways from the Art of the Start.
    1. It is important to have a mantra for an enterprise rather than a mission statement. Mission statements are long and meaningless to workers. Mantras drive and motivate employees to work for a specific goal. 
    2. It is important to have a product that is unique but also valuable to customers. If it is unique but not valuable to customers, you are an “idiot”, if it is not unique and not valuable, you joined the “dotcom” issue, and if it isn’t unique but it is valuable, you are now only competing on “price.”
    3. Once your enterprise/product is out in the market, the market you thought would buy your product might not be, but another market is. That is OK! Do not try to fix it/advertise differently. Instead, work with this new market.
    4. Flattening the learning curve. Don’t ask people to do something you wouldn’t do. Make everything simple and intuitive and “embrace your evangelist.”
    5. Break the barriers. Gather feedback and make sure to act on it. Ask the correct people for feedback, “find the influencer.” Guy gave an example of talking to customer support to understand the environment and culture, likewise it should be applied for the product/solution.


           2. Articulate your value propositions for your diverse customer segments. 

  • Help citizens of Almaty become more environmentally conscious and sustainable by creating an app that is informative and engaging to users.


          3. Discuss your Total Available Market and Total Addressable Market. List all your assumptions and hypothesis.

  • Available Market: All the citizens of Almaty (1.77million) with access to smart devices (particularly smartphones/tablets 
  • Addressable Market: Elementary/middle school students and teachers (classes). Start with one school, and expand from there. Assuming it catches on well, expand to other schools and even possibly create a different version of the app for older citizens.  


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