Fuel Behind The Fire

I decided to enroll in this course initially because this fellowship was recommended to me by a professor. My interests stem from my career goal of working in cosmetics in the near future, my particular project involves coconuts which is a staple of the cosmetic industry ultimately helping me reach my career goal. I also do not consider myself cultured and by that, I mean that I am typically only aware of my reality. Being able to visit a developing country would help to broaden my horizons so that I could start to identify real problems that need to be solved instead of trying to design an insignificant makeup product such as highlighter. However, after the first class meeting, I came to realize I am probably way in over my head with my course load this semester on top of being a student-athlete in season. While this opportunity is intimidating, the first lecture made me realize that this may not be enjoyable all the time but it will give me the opportunity to develop myself in way I can’t even begin to imagine as well as enhance developing countries’ livelihood (hopefully). As a Materials Science and Engineering major, this course will help me develop the most important skills I will need for my future because there are many skills needed in industry that we will not learn in the classroom. I anticipate this course to enhance my time management skills, open my mind to the world, challenge me to be better every week, further enhance my teamwork skills, and culturally develop me.

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