Blog #3 Top 20 Questions

Top 20 Questions:

  1. what are we impacting?
  2.  how are we impacting?
  3.  where/why are we impacting?
  4. what makes copra so impactful?
  5. how many lives can we impact?
  6. how will we have an impact outside of the Philippines?
  7. what are the different ways we can have an impact?
  8. how do we make a sustainable impact?
  9. can our impact be negative?
  10. how do we quantify the impact?
  11. will the people in the Philippines be open to our ideas?
  12. what will be the obstacles that prevent us from making an impact?
  13. how long until we are able to deliver impact?
  14. how will we adopt their cultural habits?
  15. what are people doing to create an impact now?
  16. who are the people creating and impact right now?
  17. how personal is the process to the copra farmers?
  18. how do we adjust our solution to their culture?
  19. how can we make people happy?
  20. how can we improve ourselves through this project?

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