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  • Develop a Business Model for your venture using the Osterwalder Business Model Canvas.


Note: We don’t have a specific product yet, so the following model is made based on our best assumption.


Partner network

  • Shipping/Transportation services
  • PCA
  • UPD
Key Activities

Processing Copra to create value added products


Increase the income of smallholder filipino coconut farmers by improving their access to a faster, efficient, and more effective drying systems for their copra.

Customer Relationship

  • Personal Assistance
  • User Communities 
Customer Segments

  • Filipino Entrepreneurs
  • Low Income Coconut Farmers
Key Resources

  • Engineers and employees to operate the machinery
  • Machinery required to process coconuts
  • Money to operate
Distribution Channels

  • Local processing plants
  • Farmers
Cost structure

  • Risk Management
  • Machinery maintenance
  • Fixed price for machinery
  • Three month subscription for farmers to use the machinery,this subscription could help regulate the amount of copra produced.
Revenue Streams

  • Asset sales 
  • Usage fees, $1 to process 1kg of copra, first three times are free 
  • Subscription fees, $30 for 3 month subscription



  • List ten lessons from the Business and Operations model of the Aravind Eye Hospital.


  1. They got inspired from McDonald’s business model that carry out activities systematically, reproducibly, and to a high quality, consistent standard but at a low cost. 
  2. Aravind has developed a sustainable healthcare delivery model where it generates value for its entire customer but captures the value from part of it. Aravind is capable of providing free, high-quality service for 50-60% for its patients who are poor or “non-paying” by using the profits earned from the 40-50% of the paying patients.
  3. The surgery techniques have been refined to handle high volume of patients without sacrificing the quality. 
  4. The hospitals make their own intraocular lenses, which helps reduce the price significantly.
  5. The clinic provides buses that pick up many people at once early in the morning and drive them back to the community once the day is done. 
  6. The hospital staff is specialized and each person has a role they perform to handle a huge amount of daily input and convert it to output.  
  7. Aravind recruited girls, who should have a high level of empathy and enjoy talking, and trained them to be patient counsellors. The patient counsellors play a vital role in ensuring patient compliance to surgery, medication and regular follow-ups. This not only empowers women but also allows the organization to meet its enhanced target by implementing a more efficient and patient-centric approach. 
  8. They harmonize wireless technology for the provision of eye care. This enables Aravind to screen and provide counselling to patients who are underserved for multiple reasons, including economic and access problems. 
  9. Aravind Eye Care is able to deliver eye care at a significantly lower price when compared to the prices for eye care in the UK.
  10. In India, 200 million people need eye care, yet less than 10% have been reached. 

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  1. lef219
    April 13, 2020 at 11:30 pm (5 months ago)

    Good work! Your business model and insights from the video are both thorough and well thought out.

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