Blog #9

List five compelling take-aways from the Art of the Start.   Learning to create our own “MAT” – Milestones, Assumptions, and Tasks. This format has allowed us to better understand our goals within the project and as a team. MAT has done this by helping us better divide the tasks needed to get done and […]

Week 8 Blog

Summarize and report out on the results of the SKS exercise.    START DOING: Working more hands on with each other, we were planning on working together to begin prototyping processing techniques (may be unrealistic now given new developments) Keep in better contact with UPD team and other resources on and off campus we can […]

Blog #6

Does your work require IRB approvals? If Yes, articulate your detailed IRB strategy. If No, explain why you don’t need IRB approval and identify situations when you might need IRB approval.    We decided that our project needs IRB approval (exempt status). Specifically, our project falls into Exempt Category 2: Surveys, interviews, educational tests, and […]

Blog Post #5

List ten things that make you feel human Love, Although animals feel love as well a humans love is much different and it is a very powerful and dangerous thing Science, the nature of science simply reminds me I’m human because of how many things makeup life and that I am just a small part […]

Blog Post #4

1.*Based on your life experience, skills and interests, what would a design process that is both uniquely yours and effective look like?   Our group will look to learn from and build off of other projects that have already attempted to improve the processing of copra. It has already been shown by other research groups […]

Blog #3 Theory of Change( Logical Model)

Inputs Money Time Knowledge Expertise Materials Equipment Partners Activities research prototyping designing networking visit farms educate propose Ideas Outputs (Down the road) Social venture focused on introducing and implementing sustainable, state-of-the-art copra processing methods to copra farmers. Valued-added products from coconut (one of the options) Maximize use of the whole coconut Consistency in Quality of […]

Blog #3 Top 20 Questions

Top 20 Questions: what are we impacting?  how are we impacting?  where/why are we impacting? what makes copra so impactful? how many lives can we impact? how will we have an impact outside of the Philippines? what are the different ways we can have an impact? how do we make a sustainable impact? can our […]

Blog Post #2

Give three compelling examples of how cultural issues affect your project.   Due to the required travel of our project, there will be cultural issues that affect our project. Since I was born in America and I have lived here my entire life there will be the potential for issues to arise once I travel […]

Addressing the Lack of Proper Eyeglasses

To begin addressing this issue the root of the problem needs to be identified. The problem is rooted in the fact that most eye doctors in Kenya have the credentials to test eyesight and provide the necessary prescription but they do not have optical facilities. The lack in optical facilities forces the customers to buy […]

Fuel Behind The Fire

I decided to enroll in this course initially because this fellowship was recommended to me by a professor. My interests stem from my career goal of working in cosmetics in the near future, my particular project involves coconuts which is a staple of the cosmetic industry ultimately helping me reach my career goal. I also […]