Blog #9

  1. List five take-aways from Guy Kawasaki’s talk and explain exactly how you will integrate that concept/construct/strategy into your project.

Guy Kawasaki used the phrase “let 100 flowers blossom”.  Going into Sierra Leone I worry that our team has only one idea in our heads for how our product will be sold. A big piece of what we are doing is adapting our processes to work in Sierra Leone. If there is one lesson that we need to be aware of, and embody, it is this idea of “let 100 flowers blossom”. Pivot.

Another idea that Kawasaki brought up is the simple idea of marketing. He used interested anecdotes to make the ideas stick. I’ll be the first to admit that business is not my strong suit. It’s not an area that I have a lot of background in. However, after watching the talk I think I have a better idea of how our team’s venture can be successful.

Despite being an optimist I often doubt not in the project, but in myself. The portion of the talk where Kawasaki said “don’t let the bozo’s get you down” made me think about my own attitude about our project. As long as I am dedicated to our work, there is no reason why I cannot make progress. I shouldn’t let the planning get in the way of the actual doing. My own self doubt, being the ‘bozo’, should not get me down.

Another piece of advice that will be helpful for our team if not our project is the 10-20-30 rule. I noticed that we got too caught up in the things we planned to say to say what we meant to say. I think the less slides and the less words we will have on our slides the more freedom we will have to talk about a project that we know so much about. We have been doing the work, and documenting our process, it shouldn’t be difficult to present what we have done. We are the infected people that Kawasaki mentioned. We simply have to have a conversation about our passions.

Lastly, and of utmost importance, MAT! Simple and easy to understand, I honestly think that the MAT ideology will make our venture a success. Milestones, assumptions, and tasks. Right now the milestone is getting a grow bag to begin, the assumption that we need to test is that our methods and process for spawn jars here will also work in Sierra Leone, and our task is to make sure that our assumption is correct, and more importantly to have backups in case it is not. This simple idea really helps focus a team and insure that the energy that we are putting into the project is being allocated to the parts of the venture that need it in the most. It’s all about productivity.

  1. In partnership with one or at most two team members, present a business model canvas for your venture.

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