Sierra Leone 8/9/19


Mushroom Team Blog

Today is one of the last days where we can make grow bags. Something that is important is to supply the grow bag with protein. We do this by cooking our protein source in with our substrate bags. There are many things that can be used as protein sources. In the united states we used hay but here we want to use something that is an agricultural waste product. One the sides of the roads every day for lunch people are selling barbecued corn. Marc buys some almost every day. While researching some alternatives to hay I found that you can use corn husks, peanut shells or banana fronds. All of these are widely available here. Because corn is such a common food we believe that this will be our easiest choice. We have purchased a few large bags of the stuff to test. Today we are making at least two grow bags with corn and straw substrate. The malnutrition team (go check them out at is using peanut butter in their recipes and to make this they are shucking many peanuts. Rachel graciously allowed us to use her scraps so Marc and I will be making another bag with straw and peanut shell substrate. Below is a photo of substrate right before we pasteurize it.

These bags will unfortunately have to be created tomorrow because the straw wasn’t dry, but they’re almost ready to be created either way.

I also made friends with a really cute dog named Lucky pronounced Loki. Anyone want a new pet?

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