8/14/19 Salone


Mushroom Team Blog

We started off today with heaps and heaps of thunder and rain. Since were working on a roof with sheets of metal we were a little worried. However, after and hour the thunder subsided and Sheku appeared and was ready to go, but man are we tired of the rain.

The roof went up well and the designs were well understood. Now we need siding and we can rehouse our mushroom grow bags and they should enjoy that more than their current living situation – a shelf in a bathroom.

The real goal of this mission is to leave Jawara to work to do. Which I think we will have done. It’s very daunting heading to a country for 19 days knowing a grow cycle is at bare minimum 17. I sincerely hope that after Marc and I are gone Jawara harvest some mushrooms for us.

If all else fails Marc and I have invaluable hands on experience working in Sierra Leone. The more we know about this beautiful country the more we can do to mold our project to their needs. Something I learned that was long long (not too long) ago Sierra Leone was colonized by the British but Salone is surrounded by francophone countries used for their agricultural resources. Salone was used for its diamond resources. This provided Marc and I with some valuable background information. Its not my place to commentate on the still prevalent damage colonizing did in Africa but the knowledge at least explains the trouble the past green house project is having and the dependence on rice.

In the future I hope our fungus based project expands to supplement education on other types of produce.


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