8/15/19 Salone


Mushroom Team Blog

Today started off with a hunt for a hammer. Marc, Jawara, and I decided to complete the interior and sides of the structure ourselves. We decided to go with fabric for the sides of the structure because despite its lack of durability it is the most breathable. So, with left over nails we measured and cut our fabric and nailed it into place. Marc also had to break the lock off the door because it had rusted so badly that even though I promise we had the key we couldn’t open it anyway. It was a good way to pound out any frustrations.

Photos of the structure will be uploaded when I get to Brussels and have wifi.

Tomorrow night we have a meeting with Khanjan about our EPA Proposal. We need a research question in order to start writing and we haven’t been able to find a direction to go in. There are so many avenues when working with fungus I don’t know what our main focus should be. We also need a brand name for our budding company. So far Khanjan has suggested “American Mushrooms” which is terrible. We are leaving most creative decisions to Jawara but he is mostly coming up with really long names that aren’t brandable. Maybe this is a job we out source.

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