8/21/19 Peace Salone


Mushroom Team Blog

Well today was our last day at World Hope. We made a little more grain spawn to ensure that Jawara has plenty to work with. We organized our supplies, and then there wasn’t much else left to do but buy some hardboiled eggs and corn for one last time and then say our goodbyes.

There isn’t a whole lot left to say in this blog post. I am sad to go. To Jawara, teaching and then in turn learning from you was the most valuable part of our experience here. While I am still nervous to leave, you have instilled so much confidence in us we feel amazing leaving the venture in your very capable hands.

This was a very successful mission for our team and while I am sure we will be back again we made progress in leaps and bounds.

We will be applying for funding this fall semester and working with Jawara to continuing research on mushroom production.

Thank you to World Hope, Jawara, Sheku, Bakar and the other GSIF students who helped us on this trip!

Peace Salone,

Belle Sullivan

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