Team Building Notes

Team Name: Mushroom Team


Project (Big G)

Metrics of success – mushrooms sold

Funding EPA P3 grant finishing – made into a more well rounded proposal to use for other sources

Additionally – publish a paper in the spring

Personal (Small g)

Belle: I’ve had this idea that my self worth lies in how I’ve impacted or changed the world after I die. And this project allows me to personally fulfill dreams and prepare myself for working in the real world and having a life after college.

Marc : ………..??


We are equally responsible for each deliverable. Except Marc is responsible for keeping track of expenses and the team budget. Belle is responsible for all writing.

Our easiest avenue to effectively communicate is in person talking.


Decisions should be agreed upon by both parties.

Effective meetings need to have a planned start and end time.

Belle scribes.

We should meet twice a week. Expect quick responses and flexibility with times.


Very different programs and types of thinking. Different interests and skill sets. Different political alinements. This plays to over all team strength because we work well together.


Marc and I both missed this class on Tuesday due to a sickness going around. Please let me know if we are missing anything major.

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  1. Great point that especially when you are committed to working well together, differences in perspectives can be a big asset. It sounds like you have a relatively fluid team dynamic, rather than strictly defined roles or procedures. This can allow you to be flexible and share responsibilities, which is helpful, but one thing to think about is how you will best be able to keep the project going if new team members join or when you graduate. Are there necessary tasks or specific roles that you do that you could document for the next iteration of the team?

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