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CLASSIC REVIEW: Flaming Lips' 1999 psych-pop zenith celebrates 20 years.
"The Soft Bulletin" (1999), courtesy of In early 1999, the Flaming Lips stood at a (More)
Sam Gellaitry's commercial debut lacks the texture it deserves
"Viewfinder Vol.1: PHOSPHENE" (2019), courtesy of SoundCloud I (More)
"Titanic Rising" is not the experience its title hints at
I'm conflicted here, and a little disappointed too. The star-power (no puns intended -- I promise!) of singles like "Andromeda" and "Movies", whose astral lean (More)
Sam, Leah Join Lab
Welcome! Sam and Leah have joined our lab as undergraduate research assistants. (More)
Logic's "Supermarket" is the worst album I've heard this year
"Supermarket" (2019), courtesy of Wikipedia There's an appalling lack of competence on this reco (More)
"Dog Whistle" revisits earlier success
"Dog Whistle" (2019), courtesy of Stereogum It surprises me that Show Me The Body doesn't have a (More)
Billie Eilish's newest is a pleasant surprise
"WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?" (2019), courtesy of Pitchfork Billie's got her shortc (More)
“Hi This Is Flume” shows glimpse at future potential
"Hi This Is Flume" (2019), Courtesy of Pitchfork Note: This post is lightly updated from it (More)

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