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Congratulations Associate Prof. Nick Strandwitz!
At long last, Prof. Nick Strandwitz has walked the walk and talked the talk and has been given the seal of approval. Congrats on receiving tenure and being promoted to Associate Professor! Looking forward to many more productive years. (More)
Neurons have been laid ...
Fantastic work by the team over the summer and we have reached a point where all the neurons have now been laid in the lab and the brain has been assembled. Still need to kick the tires to check things out, but a huge step forward. Great work team! (More)
Congratulations to Prof. Siddha Pimputkar!
It is a great honor to announce that PI Siddha Pimputkar has been awarded the 2-year term P.C. Rossin Assistant Professorship. This endowed chair is "awarded to the most outstanding junior faculty in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied (More)
Welcome to the MATS Group!
It is official ... PI Siddha Pimputkar assumes his position as an Assistant Professor at Lehigh University in the More)
Patent application filed for next-gen CVD design!
Exciting news: we are now patent pending for a novel approach to the growth of decomposition limited materials using a new MOCVD design. Looking forward to demonstrating new high-indium content Group-III nitride materials and other interesting materi (More)
Congratulations Chris Mascetti and Vince Rienzi!
At long last ... a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. Congratulations! Well deserved and earned. Time to enjoy a few weeks of well earned break before getting back into the lab 🙂 (More)
Congratulations Vince Rienzi!
Congratulations are in order for Vince Rienzi: He was just accepted to his dream school, University of California, Santa Barbara, to pursue his Ph.D. in Materials. Best of l (More)
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