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The Makeni Midwifery School
    By Griff (More)
Momoh Bangura
_By Kendall Prime           In 2020, I started working wi (More)
The Importance of Ambulances in Sierra Leone
_By Megan Lindle Sierra Leone’s fragmented ambulance system was exposed during the 2014-16 Ebola crisis, which claimed more than 5000 lives in the country. (More)
Archival Traces of Sapphira Wade
by Suzanne Edwards Near the end of Gloria Naylor ’s 1988 novel Mama Day, the title character uncovers an old document tucked into the rafter (More)
The Importance of Antenatal Care in Sierra Leone
  By Gr (More)
July 24: Chelsea Gilbert, Lehigh's Pride Center Director
By: Mericel Mirabal Following our meeting with the Global Village team, we scheduled a meeting to sit down with Chelsea Gilbert, who is the director of the Pride Center here at Lehigh. We wanted to see if she knew of any data or research we could (More)
July 17: To Inclusivity and Beyond Workshop
By: Lucy Zhou One of our main goals for this project is to increase people's exposure to open conversations about inclusivity and to raise awareness of best practices that can be adopted for businesses and entrepreneurs. We wanted to achieve this (More)
July 25: Lehigh Summer Expo
Mericel Mirabal, '22, and Lucy Zhou, '20, showcase the poster that they presented at th (More)
Final product and overall experience working with Global Village
Our Mountaintop Summer Experience '19 team and the Global Village project team '19 pose during the f (More)
July 9: Lehigh alumnus Norm Rumpf
By: Lucy Zhou We were fortunate enough to meet and talk with Norm Rumpf, who actually graduated Lehigh in 1959 with an engineering degree. He is interested in learning more about mountaintop projects, but he also wants to share his own thoughts an (More)
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