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CINQ 388 Blog Post 12 (5/2/2021)
Identify two SPECIFIC funding sources for the design phase of your project and two SPECIFIC funding sources for the dissemination (implementation / distribution / commercialization) phase of your project. For each funding source, explain why this is (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 11 (4/25/2021)
Financial Model:  Assumptions - Revenues and Costs  Production costs would be estimated at around $0.10 ~ $0.20 if we compare our device to the common pregnancy test, which can be manufactured in China for $0.02 each. Each unit will be pric (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 10 (4/18/2021)
Re-draft/refine your business models further - on each block of the BMC, have a visual and 1-3 bullet points. Remember, these are only “final” for now - you will continually refine your business models! More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 9 (4/11/2021)
List five compelling takeaways from the Art of the Start Being passionate about a product is a reason to hire/recruit someone, it's not just about skills. Make sure that the people you hire want to make the same meaning as you. Technical bac (More)
CINQ Blog #10
Value Propositions For Almaty residents who have respiratory issues, Almaty Assistant is an app that can help limit air pollution exposure in order to prevent further respiratory distress.  For the Almaty government, who fund the health care sy (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 8 (4/4/2021)
Identify five things you could do better with your seven-minute presentation. Practice more so the presentation is more fluid and rehearsed: As we watched our presentation over again, we noticed that there were lag periods, not only during e (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 5 (3/7/2021)
Sometimes, life gets hard and people lose sight of themselves. However, I feel like there are moments in life that makes us more conscious of the fact that we are humans and we're trying out best. These moments are very special and unique and some of (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 7 (3/28/2021)
1. Summarize and report out on the results of the SKS exercise. Start: Organizing our time better because we have several deadlines to meet (DEBUT for VentureWell, Stage II VentureWell). We have many things we want to accomplish, so we need (More)
CINQ 388 Blog #7
10 Takeaways from YouTube video: Establish reliability and competence using past experiences Admit/acknowledge mistakes made during ones career Make products that can improve quality of life M (More)
CINQ 388 Blog #6
Does your work require IRB approval right now? At a later stage? If yes, articulate your detailed IRB strategy. If no, explain why you don’t need IRB approval and identify situations when you might need IRB approval. The Almaty Air Quality g (More)
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