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CINQ 388 Blog 4 (2/28/2021)
Based on your life experience, skills, and interests, what would a design process that is both uniquely yours and effective look like? Overall, to solve a problem, you must understand it holistically first.  Understand  Immerse oursel (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 3 (2/21/2021)
With the sickle cell anemia diagnostics team, we categorized our 20 questions into five categories. Networking/Collaboration:  Who do we partner with?  What different types of partnerships do we need? How do we keep these partnerships (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 2 (2/14/2021)
The mission of the sickle cell diagnostics team is to create a lateral flow device, similar to a pregnancy test, that can test for sickle cell anemia due to the high infant mortality in Sierra Leone. One example of how cultural issues can affect this (More)
CINQ 388 Blog #2
There are multiple cultural impacts that can effect the success of the our project, Air Quality in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The most important one I believe is language. Without clear communication with the citizens in Kazakhstan, it will be difficult (More)
CINQ 388 Blog #1
I wanted to participate in GSIF because I wish to allocate my free time to being productive and meaningful. Before I knew about this program, I used to waste my free time by being on social media, viewing or using the productive works of others ( (More)
CINQ 388 Blog Post 1 (2/7/2021)
My name is Alice Chen and I am currently a freshman studying biochemistry. Before entering university, my career choice was conducting lab work or lab research but now, I have been considering going pre-med to become a doctor. While researching Lehig (More)
Week 7 (10/8) Ukweli Test Strips Partnerships
Describe at least 10 partnerships that were formed (before or) during the GSIF fieldwork experience that impacted the success or failure of your venture. Please identify partnerships at the individual, team, and Lehigh / GSIF level. 1. What const (More)
Week 10 (10/29) Systems Thinking and Problem Solving
1. Explain the eight tenets of systems thinking (holism, differentiation, interdependence, multifinality, equifinality, regulation, abstraction, and leverage points) in your own words. You may combine holism, differentiation, interdependence with a r (More)
Week 11 (11/5) Ukweli Conceptual Framework
Week 5 (9/24) Intellectual Property in India: Ethical Decision-Making
Part I FACTS OF THE CASE Neem considered sacred by Hindus and Muslims  14 million neem trees in India Used widely across India Neem industry employs a large population of poor people in India Neems can be used for medicinal (More)
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