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Blog 10: Conceptual Framework - GSIF
The three main actors in my GSIF conceptual framework are Lehigh professors, Lehigh students, and the partners we've established in Sierra L (More)
Blog 9: Conceptual Framework - Safe Motherhood
Safe Motherhood documentaries focus on celebrating human ingenuity to reduce maternal mortality by capturing the stories of resilience in Si (More)
Blog 8: systems thinking
Interdependence  Relationships that are symbiotic in that when one person makes a decision it directly affects another or the larger system  An example from malnutrition is while we were in country we were partnering with the bettah baker (More)
Blog 7: Partners
Partners List World Hope International They provided us with a place to work, a starting point to find additional contacts in the region, and drivers/transportation while we helped them advance their mission to improve the social, health, a (More)
Blog 6
Goals: What are the personal goals of each member on this team? (Team Member #1,#2, #3, etc) Jessica – I want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere better and get fancy with the editing software. I also want to be able to complete a documentar (More)
oo5. ethics #4
Case 1:   1: Facts of situation: The 14 million trees in India have been used extensively over the past 2,000 years for medicinal purposes, food production, toiletries, fuel, and pesticides Azadirachta indica (Neem) is a tree indigen (More)
oo4. ethics #3
PART 1 Step 1: Determine the facts in the situation 35% of the children in this East African region have stunted growth. If children are breastfed for too long they have a higher chance of contracting HIV Maize and banana gruel is the c (More)
oo3. ethics #2
Step 1: Determine the facts  Jack is in Kenya for 5 months Center for former street youth Jack was the gift distributor because he was a guest Gifts were from a separate donor The kids thought that Jack got the kids the gifts 4 ki (More)
oo2. ethics #1
State the facts You are in Lesotho which is a developing setting with a different cultural and social context than what you are used to. The water in this country contains disease-causing pathogens, an issue that can be fixed with chemical addit (More)
o1. lessons learned
Three things I learned: Over the course of the fieldwork, we conducted many interviews and received some answers that did not quite align with the research we had done in the past semester. Many PHU workers and villagers would tell us that they (More)
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