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A tour with Mrs. Newbegin #2
Mrs. Newbegin took this photo while we took a tour around Lehigh's campus, so I was at the (More)
A tour with Mrs.Newbegin #1
On July 25th, me and Mrs. Newbegin did a tour in order to preview historical structure in Lehigh's campus, and I took a photo with Asa Packer founder of Lehigh University. Also this photo is connected to Step Up theme, because through that tour I und (More)
#5 News paper
This is the final news paper. I was shocked, because how can a normal person throw $23,000 in a bin? but I had the same situation.I left my f (More)
#2 Video in Communicating on Campus
This is my second video in Communicating on Campus class, as you can see I talked about my goals that I accomplished this week (July 14th this video due), what I did this week, and what was the challenges that I faced through this week. First; I (More)
Bethlehem Steel
#2 Project presentation
While I was in this room, I present my second project. I was too nervous, but Mrs. Newbegin and Mrs. Kayla helped me to pass it. I was nervous because I have a problem in pronouncing words, so sometimes I pronounce words by mistake. Addition to that, (More)
#2 Project: LTS Services in Lehigh
Through this project, I and Mrs. Newbegin discussed about choosing a service to talk about, so I choosed LTS (Library and Technology Services). I choosed it because it's intersting to learn about, and also I was ampressed how data, e-journals, e- (More)
Project #1 "Campus Tour"
As a first project, I felt proud of my self because I did a great job in performing the presentation, with a high evaluation. This was a nice and good way to learn more about Lehigh's Campus. I post it because I worked hard in order to get high e (More)
#4 News paper article
Each week, I find a interesting News article to discuss with my teacher. I post it because it's kind of funny, and I really laughed when I r (More)
A photo with KFUPM director
Me and Mrs. Kayla & Mrs. Newbegin met Hassan from Saudi Arabia, he is a wonderful guy to meet, he used to be a Step-up student in 2012, he gave me advice to succeed (More)
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