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End of Semester: Self Reflection
This semester, I studied the Syrian Refugee Crisis in depth and learned about the cause of the refugee crisis, the problems within the refugee crisis, and specifically studied the problems of medical care for refugees and ways in which the issue can (More)
Refugee Crisis: Problems and Reforms of Healthcare
In 2011, prior to the start of the civil war, Syria’s healthcare system was at a peak. Medical schools were filled with soon to be doctors, the country was producing all of their drug and medicine needs, and the life expectancy was over 75 years old. (More)
First Hand Experience: An Interview with A Refugee
Mohsen Madawi is a student at Lehigh University who grew up in a Palestinian refugee camp. Mohsen was a third-generation refugee in the al-Far’a camp in the West Bank. He is the oldest of eight, and after his mother left the camp when he was 7 years (More)
Defining the Refugee Crisis
On March 15 2011, the civil war in Syria broke out. The war began with peaceful protests against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, which later turned to violence. Now, it is partially a civil war between the people and government, along with a religi (More)

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