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One step forward, two steps back for now
With all the excitement building to get out of the gates at full speed, recent discoveries as part of the lab construction require extensive rebuilding of what was installed. Fingers crossed we will finally be able to become properly productive in la (More)
Let's make sure nothing goes BOOM
After many long days and nights (well weeks and months really), the growth room is practically ready to go. Exciting! Containment vessels are hooked up with all the cables, wires, and sensors being able to do the things they need to do. Good to go! W (More)
Gas cabinets are here woohoo! (oh wait ...)
Exciting moment! The gas cabinets have finally arrived--woohoo! The long saga of getting the lab constructed will hopefully come to an end soon. Oh wait ... they didn't provide what we asked for. Sigh. Back to waiting ... (More)
Neurons have been laid ...
Fantastic work by the team over the summer and we have reached a point where all the neurons have now been laid in the lab and the brain has been assembled. Still need to kick the tires to check things out, but a huge step forward. Great work team! (More)
Safety First!
After lots of cable laying and learning how PLC systems work, Pedram has successfully implemented the lab-wide safety system to ensure we can safely perform our research. On to the next step of getting things up and running! Right after the gas cabin (More)
Almost there!
Things are cleaning up and looking pretty awesome! So nice and clean. Wonder how long that will last ... All that's need are the gas cabinets and plumbing jobs. Hopefully not too much longer ... (More)
Plumbing job continues
One thing is for sure, this lab will be a great place to do some exciting work. So shiny and new. Just look at all those gas lines. Can't wait for the gas cabinets to arrive to hear them humming. Hoping for April to be the official ribbon cutting mon (More)
Fumehoods are in!
Another critical component of the lab has arrived and has been installed. Please welcome fumehood Nr. 1 and 2 to the lab! (More)
Containment vessels arrived!
The heart of the lab has finally arrived: containment vessels to ensure safety while using high-pressure autoclaves containing toxic and explosive gases. Now we are good to proceed with our research! New lab competition: Whoever can lift one gets a f (More)
Walls going up
How quickly space transforms ... Walls are up and now comes the detailing work. The lab is starting to take on shape! (More)
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