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Almost there!
Things are cleaning up and looking pretty awesome! So nice and clean. Wonder how long that will last ... All that's need are the gas cabinets and plumbing jobs. Hopefully not too much longer ... (More)
Plumbing job continues
One thing is for sure, this lab will be a great place to do some exciting work. So shiny and new. Just look at all those gas lines. Can't wait for the gas cabinets to arrive to hear them humming. Hoping for April to be the official ribbon cutting mon (More)
Fumehoods are in!
Another critical component of the lab has arrived and has been installed. Please welcome fumehood Nr. 1 and 2 to the lab! (More)
Containment vessels arrived!
The heart of the lab has finally arrived: containment vessels to ensure safety while using high-pressure autoclaves containing toxic and explosive gases. Now we are good to proceed with our research! New lab competition: Whoever can lift one gets a f (More)
Walls going up
How quickly space transforms ... Walls are up and now comes the detailing work. The lab is starting to take on shape! (More)
Lab space in its raw state
Feels great to see the fulls space gutted and ready to be built from the ground up. Exciting times! (More)
Construction Starts!
Pop the champagne! Construction has officially started on the lab. Only a matter of time before we can move in now ... (More)
Design phase begins for the MATS Lab
With space formally assigned to the MATS Lab, the process can now begin to design and sketch out the vision for our future bulk and thin-film cryrstal growth facility. (More)
Lab space has been identified
Slow but steady process towards materializing the MATS Laboratory! A space has been identified and your new home will eventually be in Sinclair 305. Much needs to be done before the doors are officially opened though ... Help wanted! (More)

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