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Disrupting the Economic War Machine
Last time, we spent a significant amount of time discussing the importance of talking with people about their lived experiences within capitalism. For instance, we pondered what kinds of narratives the people of Bethlehem might tell about the death o (More)
Deconstructing the Capitalist within Ourselves
This week we will delve into a subject that is particularly close to my own academic and political priorities: figuring out why, despite knowing the many negative consequences of capitalism, many of us still participate in its activities every day, o (More)
Rediscovering Exchange: Alternative Economies and Currencies
This week we will be taking a look at alternative ways to organize economic activity. This involves both rethinking who holds decision-making power when it comes to financial decisions as well as reimagining what counts as money. First, we ask tha (More)
Situating Alternatives in the Here and Now
This week we will read two texts that offer different approaches to situating economic alternatives in the here and now. First, we would like you to read “More)
Understanding (Anti-)Capitalism(s) and the Possibility of Real Utopias
This week we will read several texts that will help us to understand both capitalisms and anti-capitalisms. Too frequently we talk about the horrors of capitalism without fully understanding what capitalism actually is. In the same regard, we often e (More)
Imagining Alternatives
This week, we will read three authors who speak toward the power of the imagination and expanding the definition of what constitutes reality. This, we believe, helps destabilize capitalism, which is today often assumed as the only, total, or hegemoni (More)

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