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Terror in Mental Illness
By Erinn Ball - The idea of mental health illnesses as a horror movie plot line has been utilized heavily in the recent decade in movies such as Split and The Ward, where fear is created from within the main character’s mind. Black Swan by Darren (More)
On The Conjuring: Religious Guilt and a Greater Shift Towards Secularism
By Kelly O'Neill - The majority of the 2010s has been marked by a progressive sociopolitical landscape. Under former President Obama, the nation experienced perhaps the most progressive social norms to date. The Conjuring, released in 2013, reflec (More)
Get Out and the Prison Industrial Complex
By Danielle Williams - Watching the recently released and highly anticipated debut horror film by comedian Jordan Peele, it was easy to see the surface commentary that he intended to get across. With the horror genre being notable for its social c (More)

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