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Blog 13- Partners and Funding Sources
1) Identify two SPECIFIC funding sources for the design phase of your project and two SPECIFIC funding sources for the dissemination * Design phase: AlmaU (more indirect - through the salaries of the workers) We will try to work with AlmaU’s (More)
Blog 12- Updated Financial Model
Our updated financial model can be found here; (More)
Blog 11- Business Model
2. Further refine your Value Propositions Value Proposition: Almaty assistant will provide real time air quality data and personalized recommendations including al (More)
Blog 10-
Value Propositions For Almaty residents who have respiratory issues, Almaty Assistant is an app that can help limit air pollution exposure in order to prevent further respiratory distress. For the Almaty government, who fund the health care sy (More)
Blog 9- Presentation Review
Identify five things you could do better with your seven-minute presentation. *Macro/Micro scaled issue and discuss this more directly *Stick to the rubric outline *Integrate definitions into the presentation instead of presenting in a specific sl (More)
Blog 8- Team Goals
1. Summarize and report out on the results of the SKS exercise. Start-communicating with additional partners, creating more concrete milestones as we move forward Keep- good group dynamics and working meetings; regular schedule, check ins, and com (More)
Blog 7- The Art of the Start
10 Take Aways from The Art of the Start 1) Make meaning- making meaning is the only reason to start a company/project. Setting out to just make money will not lead to a successful venture 2) 'Meaning' can be found in three ways * Increase qua (More)
Blog 6- IRB Strategy
1) Does your work require IRB approval right now? The Almaty Air Quality group will require IRB approval for the upcoming survey that will be sent out to Almaty residents. We need to prepare our approval application as we are formulating our surve (More)
Blog 5- Feeling Human
1) List 10 things that make you feel human * Interactions with other people * Taking on challenges, especially exploring new topics and gaining new skills * Connecting with nature and exploring natural areas * Feelings of joy, fear, love, sadness (More)
Blog 4- Stake Holders and Design Processes
Based on your life experience, skills, and interests, what would a design process that is both uniquely yours and effective look like? The Air Quality in Almaty app will present alternative healthy habits to engage in using the information we lea (More)
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