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I don't get this...
Student art from EWFM 379 (More)
Go team! My 6K Runner's World team experience
Joined the Lehigh U team for the Runner's World race weekend in Bethlehem. Thanks so much to the volunteers, and thanks Lehigh for the SWAG,  it was fun! (More)
Zen moment amid the craziness
As fall seminster kicks off, pause a minute to think about the Coneflower and the Sacred Grove... (More)
Squirrels dining al fresco!
The squirrels at Lehigh eat well. I took this photo on the way to a meeting, who wo (More)
Keeping Hope alive: a philodendron story
Fancy new car 😉
New Wheels! New/used actually, but I love love love it.   (More)
"My award-winning photo"
I never thought the phrase "my award-winning photo" would be applied to me. I'm a cellphone, point and shoot kind of girl. Through the miracle of technology and the natural beauty we're surrounded with here at Lehigh, I managed to take a random shot (More)
Favorite summer photo for 2017
With students finishing finals and graduating or moving on to internships, May is often a time of reflection. Took this photo of students looking over the best-known Lehigh vista... More)
When you go for a walk on Lehigh's campus...
You'd better mean it! Stepping/walking/running has become part of my lunchtime exercise routineT. This is the longest stretch of stairs, nearly all the way up South Mountain, elevation 900ish feet. (More)
Students! Complete the LTS Survey and sign up for a feedback session
Go to to complete the survey and also sign up for a feedback session (food and gifts!) More)
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