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Only Two Weeks Left!
Two weeks left, which means you have 12 more days to get the word out and raise funds! The last two weeks will fly by, so be sure to make another round of social media posts and ask people to share your project. If you haven't already, join More)
Wrap up Week 2 and Start Preparing for Week 3!
An all alumni email went out yesterday. The donations you received should keep the momentum going but don't slow down! You're almost half way through crowdfunding and there is still plenty that you can do to help keep things moving forward. As you (More)
Week 1 Coming to an End, on to Week 2!
With the week coming to an end, make sure you are checking everything off from the Week 1: Checklist. An alumni email will be going out next week. Use the remaining time to collect (More)
Lehigh Crowdfunding COVID-19 Update
Hello Crowdfunding leaders, As you are already aware, Lehigh is closely monitoring COVID-19 and executing plans to support the campus community as we work through this unprecedented issue. With this in mind, we have suspended all current crowdf (More)
It is Spring Break, but Crowdfunding is not resting
Hello Crowdfunders, and Happy Spring Break! With 19 days left and more than halfway through your funding timeline, it is time to push it!  These days will fly by, so make sure you are making the most of your time. Giving Day was a success with ove (More)
Week 3 is Kicking Off and Looking Towards a Giving Day Ending!
Keep up the great work crowdfunders, you are almost halfway through your total funding timeline! This week is a great opportunity to update your target audience (and current supporters) on your progress to goal.  As a refresher, remind you audienc (More)
Week 1 is in the Books, Onward to Week 2
After the excitement of pushing out messages and posting on social media during week 1, you may be easing off the gas pedal, but keep it going!  Week 2 is just as important to keep (More)
You're Off to a Great Start!
Well done crowdfunders! So far 7 projects have raised over $5,400 towards their funding goals.  There are still 39 days left to pull in gifts and donors for your project. More)
Spring Crowdfunding is Live!
Good morning crowdfunders, Your project pages are all officially live!  Over the next 6 weeks your projects will be able to accept gifts through the Lehigh Crowdfunding platform. Remember, Monday, Fe (More)
Last Push!
We are within the final 24 hours for fundraising!  Today is the day to give it all you got; keep the posts coming, reach out to your peers, your networks, your family & friends.  Stay positive and finish strong as you complete out your project ti (More)
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