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Reading Reflection #1--- Summary about Moravians' reading
This is my first summery written in StepUp class. The article is really hard for me. It took a long time for me to finish reading it. I'm so happy that I finished it. This reading was about Moravians' development. I think this helps me to know abo (More)
Reading Reflection #3 -- Summary about The History of Bethlehem Steel
In this week's reading, I read the prologue and chapter 1 in "Forging America: The History of Bethlehem Steel". It writes the history of the flourish of the Bethlehem Steel. Learning the history of Bethlehem, helps me get better known about Lehigh Un (More)
Reading Reflection #4 — Summary about Wimbledon: Where Women Wait
For this week's reading reflection, I read about Women's equality in Tennis. In this reflection, I started to make my summary has an introduction and body part, and a conclusion. [embeddoc url=" (More)
Reading Reflection #2 -- Summary about July forth
In this week's reading, I read about a speech given  Frederick Douglass, after reading the article, it helps me to know more about slavery's history in America. [embeddoc url="" down (More)
Scholarly Journal
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Fresh Water
[embeddoc url="" download="all" viewer="google" ] (More)
Time reading#3 Rosa Parks
This Time, I have proved that my reading time speed only takes 3 minutes 50 seconds. Following instructor's suggestion is a good way to improve it. I think that I am getting better and better for reading. More)
Self Reflection for Reading
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Literature Circle Role
Discussion Leader & Summarizer More)
Study Guide
These study guides are from "No Apparent Distress" Thanks for Mary. I have spent two months to finish this novel and study guides. More)
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