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Week14 (4.20-4.26)
Learning transfer How to let students study sth and able to use it. Not only in the model they learn but also in similar models. From my own experience, the biggest barrier is negative transfer or interference during the learning process. When the (More)
Week 13 (4.13-4.19)
We all afraid of failure, no one want to fail, however, no one can avoid failure. It just likes breathing, eating and all the other things we need to do in lif (More)
Week 12 (4.6-4.12)
The learning environment has an influence on learners, it affects the gain of knowledge. A good learning environment can help with the study. I remembered when I in high school, I put a lot of post notes on the wall where I can also see, I will write (More)
Week 11 (3.30-4.5)
Assessment is the way the teacher can figure out how the learners know about the knowledge. During the Cov-19, assessment seems much harder than before. Daugh asked me a question of how special students do assessment online, I don't have any idea of (More)
Week 10 (3.23-3.29)
"Imposter syndrome" this is the first time I know what is called. I know so many people who like to put all their accomplishments into lucky, doubt their ability and have an internalized fear of exposed as "fraud". One of my friends is like this, but (More)
Week 9 (3.16-3.22)
Personalized learning for me is the best way for learners to get knowledge and be familiar with it, turn the knowledge into their own. According to Bloom's taxonomy (revised) theory, the process for the learning is: Remembering --- understanding --- (More)
Week 7 (3.2-3.8)
What is design? Design is a plan that creates a product or service with the intention of improving the human experience with respect to a special problem. However, the design is not a problem-solving. Design can be creat a totally new thing, using (More)
Week 5 (2.17-2.23)
For my instructional design model, I choose Kemp's model to do my design. The first thing to do is to figure out and make objectives, outcomes, and plan resources. First, th (More)
Week 6 (2.24-3.1)
What is Goal? Why do we need to set up goals before doing things? Since I was young, my parents ask me to set up goals for everything I plan to do. I usually set up goals that are huge and hazy, which means after finishing the thing, it can be said t (More)
Week 4 (2.10-2.16)
Kemp's and Iterative Design are two methods that I really interested in and want focused on. Kemps' is a method that I personally feel that people who like will really like and if they don't like, they will really dislike it. Without a specific start (More)
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