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Week 5: Why Engagement is Crucial
Based on my personal life experiences and skills, a design process for our product that is unique and effective would look like Identify a problem that needs to be addressed Talk to the locals and listen to their concerns Start brainstormi (More)
Week 3: Let's Discuss Stakeholders and Credibility
This week in class we talked a lot about the market place and how to inform the public of our product and ensure that we have a successful marketing plan. One of the entrepreneur professors/Baker Institute members came to talk to us about how to pres (More)
Week 2: CINQ 396 Saturday Retreat
This past Saturday, the class took a trip up to the Mountain Top campus in order to have a conference/retreat meeting. It was incredibly helpful because it gave us time to plan out the next year as a team, as well as learn about how to handle cultura (More)
Week 1: Introductions and Initial Thoughts
Hello! My name is Kayla McMillan and I am a first year bioengineering student working on the malnutrition project with Professor Lori Herz. I have been on this project since the initial take off in fall semester 2018. A little background information (More)

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