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Day 4: A Meeting with the Man Who Is Changing Sickle Cell in Salone
Today we traveled 2 hours to Kono (in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone) to visit Dr. Cheedy Jaja at the Jericho Road clinic (also known as the Adamamartha Memorial Community Health Center) in Koidu City. Dr. Jaja is a professor of nursing at the Un (More)
Day 18: The Finale
Coming Soon. (More)
Day 17: Networking
For our last full day of fieldwork, we traveled three hours (each way) to Freetown. After nearly three full weeks learning about sickle cell, we felt that we had a pretty good understanding of the current diagnostic and treatment options available, a (More)
Day 16: Masanga - the hidden hospital
Coming Soon. (More)
Days 12, 13 & 14: Passing the Time with Politics and Pups
Hello world, we’re back. Its been another weekend of planning, market adventures and not going to clinics or hospitals because they are closed. In order to sum up our new market adventures here is a haiku. Haiku: based on the random appearance of t (More)
Day 10: More Clinics, but are you surprised?
Today we visited more clinics, but are you surprised? A ten minute drive down the road from the hotel and we arrived in Makamp. We pulled off the side of the road and up to the clinic in the drizzling rain. The nurse in charge, Susan, was on her way (More)
Day 15: Makeni Government Hospital
After all the clinic visits where healthcare workers told us that they just sent their suspected sickle cell patients to the Makeni hospital, today we finally got to find out what happens next. Although the hospital itself is only located about 10 mi (More)
Day 11: Sickle Cell in Freetown (but more importantly, chicken)
Today we travelled three and a half hours to Freetown to visit the Aberdeen Women’s Center (AWC), meet with the Sierra Leone Sickle Cell Society (SLSCS), and speak with the manager from Enable the Children. AWC is a NGO-funded, maternity and child (More)
Day 5: More CHC and CHP Adventures
Today, all three health teams traveled together to a Community health center (CHC) and a Community Health Post (CHP) located approximately 20 minutes away. Again, with 12 people in the back seat, we ventured over the pot hole covered road. More)
Days 7 & 8: Market Meandering
Eid Mubarak! The past two days have been pretty laid back. Sunday was Eid and Monday was the national holiday for Eid. We spent the days exploring the market and the local food within it. More)
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