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Days 7 & 8: Market Meandering
Eid Mubarak! The past two days have been pretty laid back. Sunday was Eid and Monday was the national holiday for Eid. We spent the days exploring the market and the local food within it. More)
Day 16: Masanga - the hidden hospital
Coming Soon. (More)
Day 18: The Finale
Coming Soon. (More)
Day 1: Seke, Tupeah, Ofino
Hello! Welcome to our blog. We are the sickle cell diagnostics team and our goal is to develop a low-cost, point of care, screening device for sickle cell anemia (SCA). Although we are currently in the early stages of designing the device, we are goi (More)
Day 2: Life Expectancy: 25, Make it Past and You Can't Die
Today we spoke with three community health officers (CHO) and a physician assistant located in and around Makeni. We traveled with the Ukweli and Safe Motherhood teams to the different clinics. More)
Day 3: "Misdiagnosis is a Crime"
We started the day out heading to a clinic approximately 2 hours away from the hotel. It was a bumping ride (musically and physically). We first went to a very small clinic about an hour from the main road, Rokulan community health center. The clinic (More)
Day 4: A Meeting with the Man Who Is Changing Sickle Cell in Salone
Today we traveled 2 hours to Kono (in the Eastern Region of Sierra Leone) to visit Dr. Cheedy Jaja at the Jericho Road clinic (also known as the Adamamartha Memorial Community Health Center) in Koidu City. Dr. Jaja is a professor of nursing at the Un (More)
Day 5: More CHC and CHP Adventures
Today, all three health teams traveled together to a Community health center (CHC) and a Community Health Post (CHP) located approximately 20 minutes away. Again, with 12 people in the back seat, we ventured over the pot hole covered road. More)
Day 6: Exploring with Ebola
Today we went along with the Ebola team as they conducted their survey in Makumbana, a local village. After each interview, we were able to ask the villagers about sickle cell anemia using a translator. More)
Day 9: "The devil is inside them"
Today we traveled to three different health clinics: Gbendembu Health Center, Mabunduka Health Center, and Mateboi Health Center. All three involved driving along bumpy, unfinished roads for about 1.5 hours. There were also areas where the mud had be (More)
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